Discover the Secrets of Sending it Safer and Faster, Every Time You Ride


learn the right techniques to achieve safer and faster riding


practice these techniques through our drill explanation videos


shred faster and safer than all of your buddies at the track or trails

90 Day Pro-Level Technique Master Class

Want to drop seconds off of your lap time? Want to become a safer rider? This course is for you. 

In this course we teach the secrets to becoming a safer and faster rider. Here's a hint... it's not seat time. In this course, we take a calculated approach to building pro-level technique through our in-depth technique breakdowns and 30+ video drills that you can do at home. Our drills are built in a layered fashion so that you can build Technique in a way that builds habits.

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Ava Box

"I've learned new technique from the class and drills. I have gotten a feel for the bike and from this class, I'm not afraid of the throttle. I'm getting faster!"

Anders Falk

"We have just done 1/3 of the drills and we are progressing in the right direction. We are both happy to be a part of Tyler Livesay's program and in this community!"

Ash Jenkins

"Definitely noticing a difference. My foot control and vision have made a noticeable difference. Even my wife said she noticed the difference. Remembering the basics gave me more confidence." 

Wheelie Master Class

In this course, we teach how to wheelie while sitting, standing, and how to wheelie through terrain. This course is for those looking for a methodical approach to mastering the wheelie.

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