3 Dirt Bike Hacks that WILL Save you Time and Money!

hacks Jun 19, 2022

Use a file to remove the dull edges on your foot. Peg, a sharper foot peg means more grip on the bike. Attach a zip tie to a fork leg. It's important to measure the amount of distance that your forks are traveling. So you can understand if you're in the correct spring rate or have the correct clicker settings as you ride, the zip tie will move down, letting you know how much your forks actually compressed.

Here's a quick fix to any type of crack or break in any plastic on your dirt bike. Grab a rag and cleaner, make sure to clean off and free the area from any dirt and grab baking soda and super glue. Now while holding the broken plastic together, apply some super glue directly over the. And then immediately throw some baking soda on top of it and just blow it off or shake it off.

And it will instantly form a bond. I do this on both sides and it brings your drying time down to basically just a few seconds.

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