5 Motocross Drills that will DRASTICALLY Improve your Dirt Bike Riding

practice drills Jun 19, 2022

In this video, we're gonna give you five motocros drills that with practice will drastically improve your riding.

All right, guys, it's coming up on summertime. We're about to get outta school. We're about to have a little more free time to go practice. We wanna give you some drills that we know will improve your writing. If you put the time in guys, you guys have been asking for at least a year, where's our merge.

It's finally here. You gotta check it. It's really helping us move along with you guys buying that. And also it looks sweet. So click the link down in the description below, and you'll find finally, our merch pages here, look forward to seeing you guys in it. The first row that we're gonna go over is riding with your feet on the pegs.

So when you're riding around the track, all you have to do is simply keep your feet on the pegs the whole time. You're gonna find this really hard when you get into turns. But what that does is it helps your brain connect throttle. Instead of ding your foot on the ground. So what I mean by that is when you lean into a corner, our natural instinct is to catch ourselves with our foot.

That we're only born with two fears and one's falling and one's loud noises. So it's our natural instinct that when we feel like we're falling over to catch ourself with our foot. So the feet on the peg drills starts to rewire our brain. To go after the throttle, instead of catching ourselves with our feet, it will help your corners dramatically.

Number two, standing through ruts in the whole track. There's nothing that can beat building those strong muscles around standing let's face it. We're standing 80% of a race. We're standing 80% of an Enduro. We're standing a lot. So the more that we stand, it's gonna develop our balance really well. It's gonna develop the muscles that we need to ride longer.

Take away arm pump, teach us to squeeze the bike, drill. Number three, riding without using your clutch. There's two crutches like you're using when you're hurt that I call on motocros is gonna be your rear break and your. That's the two things that we want to hit in corners to fix our mistakes. But in reality, it's creating more mistakes.

So if you just take the clutch away, it does two things and make sure that you're in the right gear. So you're not using the clutch to get you out of a corner, especially on two strokes. And it also makes you commit to the throttle. Which is what smooths your turns out and makes you execute them the correct way.

Drill number four, we're taking the difficulty level up a notch. I suggest that you do this on a flat field somewhere. Don't do it at your local practice track with people there, but we're gonna ride with one hand. Okay. There's one big thing that you need to know on a motorcycle when you hit the gas. If you're in balance with the bike, it moving forward, you're in a good spot.

If you're at a balance, it's pulling you off the back, you're in a bad spot. So when you take one hand, You'll notice really quickly if you're in a bad spot. So what that does is it teaches your body to get in balance with the power and also IMB balance with the breaking. What I suggest is that you just go out on an oval and just a little bit of throttle and a little bit of breaking and do it seated first.

And then when you get really comfortable with that, go ahead and stand up. That takes it even to another level. Really really improves your front to back balance drill number five. We're gonna go off the balance again, this is the opposite of some of these. We're gonna go as slow as we can. So we're gonna set up two markers, whether that's cones or just rocks, whatever you can find, and we're gonna time ourselves and our head.

In between those. And we're gonna try to ride as slow as we can. This is gonna connect our throttle to our clutch, our clutch, to our break and get us using all of those controls at the same time. At the same time, we're gonna be balancing the bike left and right. We're working to build muscular patterns that we're gonna need when we're riding the motorcycle.

So you've got clutch control, throttle control, brake control, and. Side to side balance. Super good drill. Hope you guys enjoy that. All right, guys, it's warmed up. It's summertime or at least close to it. If you guys are interested in coming and participating in one of our summer camps, we're gonna be doing a few travel camps around the United States, and obviously a few here at home.

Click the link in the description below. It'll take you to our website and give you a list of those. We'd love to have you guys out and hope to see you soon. Really hope these drills help improve your. That's what we're trying to do here is give you guys a little information, keep you safer and go faster.

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