How To Hit A Corner | Basic Rut Technique

corners how to Jun 19, 2022

In this video, we're gonna show you at to hit a rutted corner.

Hey, I'm Tyler Livesay. We're here at the MX factory today. We're gonna learn how to hit a rutted turn in three steps. One is gonna be your entry. Two will be your setup. And three, we'll be leaving the turn smoothly and safely down the next straightaway. Make sure you stick around to the end with the homework I've done my homeworks.

I've got two really helpful things that you need to think about. That'll help you get through these turns. Well, so step one is gonna be coming into the turn. Basically you're breaking and understanding that the big key here is knees in the middle of the bike. And then once you go from acceleration into deceleration and braking, you wanna make sure that your body weight transitions back.

And gets back behind the force, pulling you forward. The faster you go, the more you'll need to move back. And the more balance it'll actually feel. You just have to go and work on it on small straightaways gas forward, breaking back.

Oh my gosh.

Oh, it just got real. Key to your footwork coming into the turn is gonna be keeping your feet tight into the bike pointed straight forward. And then when you go into braking, you go here, you move back toes into braking. When you're ready to set up to sit down, you come back to the peg and, or put your leg out.

Here's step two and maybe the most important of the three. It's gonna be your setup. The important part here is reading your rut and kind of understanding when to sit, but I'm just gonna end this video show you guys a general time and area where to sit. So you're breaking back here and the big piece is to move far enough forward and plant yourself with leg out and tied up to this shroud.

Far enough on the seat where there's not much room in front of your


You have to lean the bike to get it to steer and to get it to turn the more you lean, the tighter, the bike's gonna turn. The biggest piece with your lean is to making sure the throttle happens at the same time. So when you're tied up against this out, you're set up neutral with your upper body. When you lean, the throttle has to be connected to the amount you're leaning.

So if you lean heavy, I'm not. And big bend. You know, you're gonna need quite a bit of throttle to keep you upright and off the ground.

The most common mistakes that we see is that people won't commit to their lean. Right? If you don't commit to your lean, your. Front end rides up up the top of the VM or Rud or whatever it is, and you go over it sometimes fall, but definitely make a big mistake. By the time you get to the middle of the turn, you need to think about leaning over the bars and getting your head over this part of the bike.

That way you can charge out and keep the front end attached to the earth. Step three, you're coming through the middle of the turn to the exit. Um, the big thing you wanna think about here is legs uptight to the bike, and then as you power, just the balance I talked about before with breaking back, you.

Into the power with your upper body. That way you're moving with the bike. And as quickly as you can get your foot back to the peg coming outta turn, it's better. We usually have bumps, whatever jumps,

tons of stuff to maneuver around. So the quicker back of the peg and back up on. Get back.

So we talked about some homework earlier in the video, and I want to catch you guys up to speed on what we do here. Some drill work. Um, what I want you to do when you go to your track is just consciously think about some of these steps. So. Spend 30 minutes or an hour. If you have the time just riding the track, keeping your leg up off the ground and way up off the ground, the turns, um, another thing that will help spend another 30 minutes or an hour, whatever time you have on making sure that your smooth delivery or your smooth throttle through the turns.

Meaning you don't chop the throttle in the middle of the turn. Once you commit your throttle, it stays on all the way around what you'll find. There is the device plants through the earth and you don't get a lot of that. Washiness, leave some comments on how that's working out for you. And we'll keep designing some homework for you guys.

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