Electric Vs Gas Dirt Bike - Best Lap Time!

vs Jun 19, 2022

In this video, it's the moment we've all been waiting for. All I can tell y'all is that it's about go down. We're gonna compare lap times on the new electric bike versus the old school gas bike.

What's up guys, Tyler with the MX factory. Um, we're super excited. We partnered with TJ's cycles, the newest Alta dealer here in Austin, Texas. And, uh, today we're gonna figure out what bike we're faster on. We spend a lot of time on gas, zero time on electric. So we're shooting to even be close, but we're excited to see what's going on here.



time for a tasty and refreshing snack. What's there to eat. No. Get off Napoleon, make yourself a dang case of di. Five.

So here we are. I feel like that I just did a back to the future movie all by myself. You gotta come back with me where. Back to the future. First, like truly honest opinion is this bike's more fun to ride? Um, we did do three lap sprints on each and com comparative lap times. They're real close. Um, the first Modo is a little faster on this one second, a little faster on this one.

So it's real close and neither one of these bikes are really set up for me. I kind of just try to oddball the. Um, and make it all rider. And it's really cool, especially when the tracks started to push around a little bit and get a little more dry, how this thing would hook up to the earth a little better, or this was, you know, pretty consistently, extremely fast and not necessarily catching traction.

So, um, so fun. That was awesome. And it was competitive in times with the four 50, we are in a small track and we wanted it that way. Um, just so we could. Tighten the times up, but I'm excited. I'm so excited for these things to develop and I'm excited to develop with 'em. I like to thank TJs for letting us do this test today and, and, uh, they're the go-to spot here in Texas to buy these things.

All right, guys, I hope you enjoyed that. I know I did. Um, thank you again, TJs. If you wanna check these guys out and see what they've got going on, click their link down there. Really cool shop. We have some more, how two videos over here, um, leaving the comments. What you'd want to see on one of these. And then subscribe and show us some love down here.

See you guys. I had a little bit of a weird breakfast, so it seems a bit gas.

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