How to Choose the Right Dirt Bike for Beginners Ages 4-15-3

buying guide Jun 19, 2022

In this video, we're gonna talk about how to get your kid into riding.

What's up guys, Tyler, from the MX factory, we're here at TJ's cycle today. We're gonna talk about getting your kid into riding. Let's roll. All right guys. First phase, right? So at the MX factor, we're all about safety. We're all about getting people on. The most logical and smooth way possible. So when I was a kid, we didn't have an option for this, but these kids have a wonderful, uh, opportunity to get on bikes safely by learning how to balance first by learning throttle, modulation on bikes that you can slow down.

Like we have below first, uh, the first bike we have here would be something that. You know, you could put a kid that's 18 months old on and have them start wadling around how I know this is, I have one, I have my kid on one of these little Strater bikes, and then going, moving up from there as they've got their balance, they start to understand how to paddle along, pick their feet up, ride a few feet.

You can put them on the stay sick, which has two different wheel sizes. They can start to learn throttle modulation. How that, how twisting the wrist makes them go no longer their feet. So they're, you know, getting to the phase of rat a real motorcycle. That's a hand break, controlled bike. So then moving from there, we're gonna go up to something that has a little bit of suspension, right?

The O set was more of like a electric trials bike, but they do have an MX 10 version that has a seat on it. That looks a lot like a dirt bike that I do have some of my students that ride at home. These three right here. I would, I, I phase these as like, these are the bikes that you learn, how to ride before you even go to the check.

You can be out in the backyard. They're quiet. They're not making any noise. They're teaching a rider. How to balance. Good throtle modulation and how to slow the bike down.

All right, guys. So after your, your kid has mastered the at home bike, real good balance and throttle modulation, we move on to the next phase of bikes. These are, these are 50 CC bikes. These three here specifically are race. Bikes are oriented to be on a race. Now there is an in between bike that, uh, TTR 50 and the CRF 50 that both Honda and Yamaha make that are great bikes to learn how to, to kind of ride around on the track solely, but they're not meant to jump, right?

So you don't wanna spend a whole lot of time on those, if your kids already trying to get air, but moving on the, these two bikes here are kind of special because this is for a really young kid, four to six years old. It's the, uh, 50 SX. And then you have the new e-bike that both KTM and Husker Barna make.

And the special thing about this bike is that it can be, the body can be lower. Right. So you can ride this bike from four years old to eight years old, it has six different modes. So you can start a rider off on a really slow mode. Uh, but they still have the capabilities of going over rough terrain with more suspension and, uh, you can kind of progress through them modes.

I really love this bike for teaching kids, how to ride. It's a new wave. A lot of people are not into the electric thing, but for me, just gonna keep their riders a little more safe and, uh, allow them to get into the sport with a little more progress. And then moving on to our third bike here is strictly race seven to eight year old KTM SX senior.

Um, you're gonna find these at the super crosses in between the, the pro show. These are, uh, really fast little bikes, but, uh, these are your three that are gonna be on the next phase of the fifties. All right guys, final phase for the kids' bikes here. Uh, we've got a KTM 65 SX, a KTM 85 SX for the KTM 65.

You can start riding these, uh, around the seven year old, eight year old mark. I do believe the, the youngest that you can be to race him is eight years old. And the oldest that you can be to race, these is 15 years old, um, 16 year old technically, but we won't get into all that. That's in the AMA rule book.

You can find all that, but eight years old, 15 year old, these are race bikes. These are mid current motocros track, but people do modify these, put bigger tanks on them, ride them in the trails. Um, there are some options for bikes, this height and this size that are more of a learn to ride or entry level trail bike, like a TTR 1 25, a KLX one 40 or CR 1 25.

Uh, or in this case, a KX one, 10 or a TTR one 10, these bikes are strictly race bikes. I would spend a lot of time riding these bikes, low learning technique, understanding how to ride them before you send your kid out onto a track, uh, especially a public track where there's other riders ripping around. Uh, again, They're meant to be.

They're meant to be under the fastest riders in the world. And also they're meant to be under new riders. You, you have to be the catalyst of keeping your kids safe and making sure they're in a position to where they can learn. All right, guys, I hope you enjoyed the video and more so I hope it made your rider get into this sport more safely.

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