How To Properly Jump a Dirt Bike - 3 Basic Techniques

how to jumping Jun 19, 2022


In this video, we're gonna teach you entry level jumping techniques.

Hey, this is Tyler with the MX factory, and today you're gonna learn to. That was, I did what you did. Did I do arm thing? You can do that today. You guys are gonna learn how to jump in three easy steps. The first thing we're gonna work on is body position. The second thing is throttle delivery and the third most important is landing safely.

Step one body position. Uh, we're gonna work from the ground up here. Kind of just building a nice, solid base. You want to think about your footwork, always pointed forward more on the balls of your feet than on the, on the. Um, knee work in the middle of the bike. So you have good access there. Um, hips stacked over the foot pegs and then your upper body's probably the most important.

You kind of want to be at a 45 degree angle with your hips in your upper body.

Say that way you can lean into a steep face or drop back on something. That's a little more mellow.

Overall, you just want a very neutral feeling on the bike, right? You don't wanna be too far forward or too far back.

Oh, okay.

A simple, wrong would've done. Just fine. But. Like I said before jump faces will change that as far as how far you are forward or back, but just a nice 45 degree angle. Step number two, we're gonna work on throtle delivery. What that means is you just don't want to get real aggressive with the throttle at any given moment.

When you're just learning how to jump, you wanna be as smooth as possible. That's gonna give you a nice level, um, bike in the air and you don't have to deal. End up

or loop out.

So you just wanna be really smooth with the throttle and steady through the face, hold it all the

way through

the top. Now that's how you supposed to drop from that one. That's how you drop step three is gonna be landing safely. There's a couple different things. That'll help you. One is squeezing the bike really tight with your knees. It helps with the blow of the ground. Um, depending on what you're hitting, if you could be a little aggressive, um, number two is just finding a nice jump where you can physically see the landing that always helps with our depth perception and how fast we need to hit it.

It certainly does sign.

We get this question often here. Do you land front wheel first? Do you land on the back tower? Do you land both at the same time? And it all really depends. Um, just know that like what you're doing before the jump and through the face of the jump, really determines all that. And then also you're landing.

Uh, the more advanced guys are gonna land a little more front wheel first to drive down the landings, um, landing flat ground. You'd be back wheel first. So it really just depends, but ideally you just want to be a little of each, right? You don't wanna be too much of one way and that way you stay safe either way.

All right guys, hope you enjoyed the, uh, learn how to jump video. Um, hope that makes it a little safer for you guys. Make sure you love us on our social media and hug us on our, on our YouTube.

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