How To Ride a Dirt Bike for Beginners (with a Clutch) - 3 EASY STEPS

how to Jun 20, 2022

In this video, we're gonna teach you guys how to ride a dirt bike in three easy steps with a clutch.

What's up guys. I'm Tyler Livesay with The MX factory. And today we're gonna teach you guys how to ride a dirt bike in three steps. Step one. We're gonna go over all the controls on the bike and have you guys familiar before you even get on your own? Step two. The most important part for control is really knowing how to use the clutch when it engages and smoothly releasing step three, which is also a really important component is shifting the bike and slowing it down with the brakes.

If you guys hang around to the end, we have two really helpful bonus tips for you. Y'all ready to ride, ride Rodeem cowboy.

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step one. We're gonna go over the controls here. Get you guys real comfortable, big piece. Here's your clutch on your left hand. And our learned to ads. We make 'em raise their hand, touch the clutch, pull it in. On your right hand here, front brake, uh, wouldn't highly suggest getting real into that when you're first starting also right hand the throttle.

And that's why we stay away from the front brake shifting on your left foot. Most of 'em are the same neutrals in between first and second. And then on our right foot, we'll be our rear brake, which is your more common breaking tool to use when you're first starting. There's a Kickstarter over here on this bike.

Some of you are lucky enough to have an electric start, which is usually on your right hand. Also, there's this red button here it's called your kill switch. On your left hand. This bike is a little older. It has a hot start. I'm not sure that most of you guys will have that, but if you do, it's on your left hand here and I'll help you start the bike when it.

Drop it like it's on drop it. Like it's hard. Drop it. Like it's on step two. We're gonna explain the clutch in its functionality. This is gonna keep you the safest and the most calm cause you won't surprise yourself. If you take your time on this step, study this step it's important. Anytime the bike's running.

And in gear, the clutch needs to be in, okay. So if you're new to this and, and you've never been on a bike, this thing's gotta be in anytime the bike's in gear, big piece is, is when you're ready to go is letting it out. So extremely slow until you feel the bike move, which is what we call the point of engagement and then pull it back in and then practice.

Feeling that point of engagement a few times. Um, that's really gonna help you feel comfortable and not surprise yourself into one of these kind of things. I don't understand the words you just said. You don't wanna do that. Trust me, just ask that girl,

that guy will tell you.


how funny.

Step three. We're gonna understand how to slow this beast down or your beast. Sexy beast, sexy abuse. And the big piece here is just being comfortable with your breaking and also just taking your time with it all, stay in first gear until you're really comfortable there. Then move it up to second gear.

It's just a nice, smooth slip, you know, pull with your toe.

And then on this side, it's pushing with your toe

and then just a little bit of front break, if any, at first, because you really have to know. Surface in order to be okay with your front break. There's a lot of times that people give the front break too hard, right off the bat and tuck the front end like that guy.

Oh my gosh.

Oh, I don't care who you're. That's 30. Right? So bonus tip number. One's gonna be your structure, upper body. And what we teach is we, we like to think about when you're here, you have your elbows and your chest and the handlebar make a rectangle with rectangular shape. One thing that really helps is when you're gripping the handlebar, you don't want to have your wrist turned straight in or promotes the elbow close to your ribcage.

You want to think about getting that elbow out as far as you. Away from the rib cage. It almost creates a little V here in your grip

bonus. Step number two, guys, this one's really important as you start to gain speed, as well as control. You want to think about always attaching your body to the bike. You wanna be one with the bike, stop thinking, let things happen and be the ball.

Simply just take your knees and apply pressure to the bike the whole time you're riding it. It takes some training, takes building those muscles and takes some thinking about it. But if you focus on it, it makes your riding a hundred percent better and safer. All right, guys, we hope you enjoyed that. Made it a little safer for you for more advanced stuff.

We got some cool videos over here. We love you. So if you love us, subscribe down here, leave your comments on what you wanna see next piece.


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