How to Wheelie 5 Different Dirt Bikes - Best Beginner Advice 50cc to 230cc

tips wheelies Jun 19, 2022

What's up guys, Tyler with the MX factory, we're here at the MX factory home of the MX factory here in Austin, Texas. We've had a lot of questions from you guys on, can my bike do a wheelie or can you give me some tips on how to wheelie my bike? So what we did is we went and searched into our garage, found all the different types of bikes that we have with a clutch without a clutch, big and small, and we're gonna wheel 'em all.

And it's gonna be really fun.

First bike Honda XR or CRF, depending on how new this thing is. I have no idea, 50, no clutch, three gears. The biggest difference in wheeling this bike and willing a bike with a clutch is you have to use your body weight and also throttle to get the front wheel up rather than throttle in popping the clutch.

So it may take me a few. But I'm gonna try to figure out how to wheelie this thing, using my upper body, by leaning back, turning the throttle at the same time, and then controlling traditionally how you control your Willy with the throttle and the back break. Here we go.

To get their front end up like that

to get their front end up

like that

bike number two. We have a 1968, Yamaha TTR one 10. I'm just kidding. It's like 2012. It's been the same for multiple years. The concept is the same as the 50. However, the wheel base is a little longer. The tires are a little bigger. In my opinion, it's a little easier for a bigger person to wheelie as the bikes get bigger.

Tip difference will be, it's got a little more power, so you don't need as much throttle and as much body weight English to get it to come up. And then you control it with a back brick, which by the way, if you need to know how to wheelie, we have a whole, how to wheelie video up here somewhere. You can click on the link and learn all the techniques for now.

We're gonna know the differences in all these bikes. Check it


Bike three guess who just got a clutch? This guy we're back to what we know. Okay. So the biggest difference between wheeling my big bike and this bike is just gonna be wheel base throttle, sensitivity, and brake sensitivity. Obviously the big bike has a little more power and it has a little more sensitivity with the brakes.

So I've just gotta be careful and think about what I'm doing. And if you ride this bike back home, you've gotta do the same thing. Think about your steps ahead of time. Think about hitting the brake a little before you get too high and rather than getting there and trying to slam it down, I'm gonna try to wheel this thing and see how it goes.

Let's rock.

All right guys, bike, number four, we're getting to a size. That's a little closer to my liking. We're on a TTR 1 25, 2000 12, 13, 14. Not sure somewhere in that range. And we're gonna see if we can wheelie this thing. We're getting a little closer to the wheel base of a big bike. Something I'm used to at home.

If you're on a TTR, 1 25, you may have to use a little more throttle and a little quicker. Clutch release to get the front end to come up. Okay. There are heavy bikes. They don't have a ton of power. So you need to move your weight back towards the back fender. Nice quick clutch release with some throttle, a little weight back, and then traditionally cover the rear brake with your right foot.

Make sure you're controlling that balance point with your clutch in your rear brake. Let's do it.

Turn turn, turn.

All right. Bike number five, we are at bike number five, which I should use my thumb. So you can see 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. We're on a 2017 CRF, two 30. I call it the tank. It weighs about 300 pounds. It feels like. If you're on this bike at home and you're trying to wheelie and you're having a hard time getting the front end up is probably due to the heavy weight.

You've gotta give it even more throttle than the 1 25 and even quicker clutch release and make sure your butt's back towards the back fender. We're gonna see how it goes, trying to wheelie this thing as always cover the rear brake. Make sure your fingers on the clutch so you can get the front end down if you're in an emergency.

Let's ride.

All right guys, that's it. We wheeled multiple different bikes in multiple different ways. There's a bike. We must stop. Now. We're done. There's noise in the background and I'm sad. All right, guys, we're done wheeling for the day. I hope this helps you feel like you can wheel your own bike at home. All the comments have led us to trail bike.

So here we are. If you did enjoy this video, you can always watch more over here. Our Instagram has some cool clips. We do three a week down there so you can learn some more. And then also, if you like this, you like us subscribe. We've got plenty more coming. Thanks.

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