Newb Dirt Bike Tips | Look like a Pro!

tips Jun 19, 2022

Goon tip number one is gonna be visor placement. You see how my visors just kind of in line with the face right here. The biggest thing that we can spot as non goon ish humans is when the visors weigh down real far, this one won't even go that far down. Well, when it's really far down and it's covering your vision, goon tip number two is Goggle strap placement while you're on the helmet.

Right now, we're in the non goon slot, which is right in the middle of the helmet, goon slot number one, or goon slot number two. Is up here. Your goggles are gonna fly off at some point. If you, if you don't pull 'em on down to the middle. Okay. Goon tip number three. Where do we put our goggles? Okay. Here's two places that you don't wanna put.

'em nothing screams goon more than the goggles low, and then them on the beak. Another place that's really bad is just this where you wearing 'em as a necklace, the proper place to put your goggles. When you're taking a break is hanging them right on your handlebar. I prefer the left side with the shield, with the.

Facing up. You don't want to hang 'em down here where they get caught in there and all beat up.

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