Top 5 Dirt Bike Wheelie Practice Drills - How to Wheelie Better Quickly!

practice drills wheelies Jun 19, 2022

In this video, you're gonna learn five awesome drills that are gonna teach you how to wheelie. Hopefully, actually, I think they. Just try 'em come on.

What's up. Lovely humans. I'm Tyler Levy. We're at the MX factory. We formulated some drills for you guys to take to the backyard, to the track, wherever you wanna take them and work on. There's gonna be five of them and they're gonna be great drills to get you comfortable. Wheeling really wheeling.

Remember guys, this is just drill work. We're not explaining anything here. So if you're not understanding what this even means, make sure you check out our, how the, how bold be below. Check out our, how to wheely video is down below. The link is in the description. It'll get you caught up. You'll be good.

Drill. Number one is gonna be just popping the clutch, just getting used to that movement. And I would say one to three hours of doing this will get you real comfortable. So when popping the clutch, what you're looking at is just get in the front wheel off the ground, like six inches when you're really comfortable there, we move to our next

drill. Number two is gonna be rear brake control. You just wanna get the bike up six inches, maybe a foot hit the back brake, bring it back to the air. If you want to get a little further up, so you have a little more time to get your foot there. You know, don't go any more than two, two and a half feet and then back break, bring it down.

If you don't use the rear break or you don't take the time in the drill. Number two, this is how people loop it out. They're not efficient with their rear break.

So make sure you take the time on this one. Don't slam on the brake. Super hard. Try to ease on the brake because when you get up to the balance point, hitting the brake hard, you feel like you're going backwards. It's gonna make the front come all the way down when you may just want it to come it down a little bit.

So you wanna get used to being light on the rear brake to control it. Doesn't take much, you get it to come back down. You don't wanna slam the front tire down and throw you over the. Can you go learn today? Drill number three is the floater.

I was flushing the toilet. Ah,

What you're after here is just popping the clutch, getting to the balance point, not using any break, not using any gas, seeing how far you can go in the balance point, starting to learn where that is. It's actually really comfortable. If you take the time on this drill to understand.

So drill number four, we call it point to point challenge. So basically what you're doing is setting up. We have cones, whatever you have, rocks, you know, match matchbox cars. I don't know what you guys do, but what, what the heck are you talking about? You're gonna set up two things. You're gonna pop the front end up.

You're gonna wheel to the second one. You're gonna extend that to a point of where you think you control that wheel in between, and you're gonna do that over and over for one to three hours and it's gonna be awesome.

Drill five, again, point to point. But the challenge in this one is how slow can we do it? However comfortable you are. I want you to try to do that as slow as possible. So maybe have a buddy time it or account in your head, but you're going point to point as so, as you can.

All right. Lovely humans. That was the drill work on the wheelies. You're pretty much gonna be able to wheelie better than I am. Here's some more videos over here. Our Instagram is down here. We're we're doing some awesome small clip videos during the week, and then you can subscribe over here if you love us.

Like, we love you. Thank you so much for watching. We'll see you soon.

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